Translate Technical documents.
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Let an engineer check your AI translation and reduce costs while keeping high quality. 

AI translation with post-edit technology expert

Upload your dictionary so your words are always consistent. We train our AI and engineers with technical terms, so your translation and localization are always high-quality.

keep document format

Upload your technical document, and our AI will translate it to the language of your choice while keeping the same format. Not having someone add the text back to the document saves time and money.

You can save thousands by allowing the AI to translate your documents. We can also let our engineering experts in many fields check the AI translation, which reduces your localization costs compared to traditional translation agencies.

Engineer check your technical translations

Your documents are protected with the highest security measures. You can delete your files immediately after translation or keep them in our system. We guarantee that the documents you delete are erased immediately from our server. The connection to our servers is always encrypted and can’t be accessed by third parties. We guarantee confidentiality, Integrity, and authenticity.

Train our AI to recognize your brand name or specific words you only use. The glossary helps our system to ensure that each time a defined key term appears in a corresponding language, it’s used consistently and correctly.

How it works

The first 2500 words are free. Create an account, upload the original document, and download the translated document. You have the option  to post-edit check from our technologist

Upload your document to our system. The system will count words in the document and display the price.

Our AI will translate your document and keep the format. You can pay for it and download it.

You have the option to let a technologist check for the document. You will be able to download the corrected copy when it’s ready.

We only translate and localize English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Want to translate into other languages?

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Frequently Asked Question

We specialize in technology translation and localization. We have engineers and technologists with experience working in companies that check your work to save you money, and keep quality and consistency.

The process is simple. Create an account, upload your document, and our AI will translate it. Pay and download the copy or let our engineer check it.

We care about quality and only want to cover some languages. We start with a few and add more as we go.

The time of translation varies depending on document size and word count. Regularly our AI translation can take between 2mns to an hour, and our engineers can take 1 to 10 hours all, depending on the number of characters in the document.

Most popular document are PDF, DOC, PPT,XLS but we also support: csv,html, htm, xls,markdown, mdown, mkdn, md, mkd, mdwn, mdtxt, mdtext, rmd, mthml, mht,msg, docx,odt,odp,ods,rtf,tsv/tab,txt

Translation converts written words from one language into another. Localization employs a touch of humans and multiple techniques to adapt the content’s whole meaning to the new culture.

You train our AI to recognize your brand name or specific words only you use. The dictionary helps our system ensure that a defined key term appears in a corresponding language each time it need it.

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